Violet Flame: A Power for World Change

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Don’t give into fear and despair because of current US and world events. Rise up and stand in your spiritual warriorship. You are needed!

Listen to this series of nine guided meditations that support you to BE the change you want to see in the world. As Wayne Dyer said ” When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Each meditation has a different emotional and spiritual theme, and  is 30 to 35 minutes long. During the meditation you are immersed in the Violet Flame, a powerful energy that’s a vibration of divine love. The Violet Flame activates your transformation.

The Meditations

In each meditation you are guided to:

  • Transform specific emotions from a negative to a higher vibration positive emotion.
  • Clear the emotional energy out of the relevant chakras, or energy centers, in your body.
  • Connect with world leaders in the Violet Flame, and radiate your transformed positive feelings and mindset shift along with I AM decrees, which are powerful affirmations.

What Do I Get?

Originally, these meditations were offered as a series of nine conference calls after the 2016 US Presidential election. The series was so popular that I have bundled them as a set. A meditation will be delivered once a week, for nine consecutive weeks.

The price is $27


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