Lily Macias
Since being in Sumaya’s program, I feel grounded and more secure in who I am.  I experienced real spiritual growth, and now know the door is open to greater possibilities for my life. During Sumaya’s program, I experienced a major shift, and was able to forgive someone in my past that had been a real source of pain. I’m truly appreciative of Sumaya’s gifts as a healer and group leader.

Lily MaciasretiredCalifornia

white heart red rays_sSumaya is a truly gifted craniosacral therapist, who facilitates access to a deep healing inner space and creates a very heartfelt and sacred environment. When I come out of a session with her, I feel touched not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I come away from the session feeling very given to, so that I am fully replenished to do the re-mothering therapy work that I do.

Sumaya is a person of great integrity and sensitivity, who has also done somatic, psychological, and spiritual work with herself.

I am very careful about referring my psychotherapy clients to other professionals. However, with Sumaya, I felt so grateful to have someone I can refer my clients as well as my friends to without any hesitation.

Soonja KimLCSW, Founder, Visionary Re-Mothering Amae TherapyCalifornia

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