I attended Sumaya’s live video course, Claim Your Divine Power Now. During one of the meditations, I saw my higher, divine self and experienced a deep connection with spirit. As a result of this powerfu experience, I gained a crystal clear understanding of the clients I am to approach to further my business. My confidence was bolstered tenfold, which allowed me to approach multiple organizations, two of whom are going to use my services. Thank you, Sumaya!

Carolyn CJ JonesAuthor, Speaker, CoachCalifornia

While I was in Sumaya’s Secret Tools for Life Mastery program, I had just completed one of her meditations for divine connection. Then I was immediately guided to look at a local hotel for a venue for my new Women’s Prosperity Network. While driving, my inner guidance led me to a venue that was my dream location. On every level, it was so perfect that it felt like a miracle. Thank you Sumaya for your loving meditations and divine guidance work.

Brooke PetersonLady RejuvenatorCalifornia

Working with Sumaya in her Claim Divine Power Now course was such a lovely interlude in my life. Her guided meditations were such a delicious taste of fresh water in my overly busy life. I recommend her program to anyone who wants to move up a step in their spiritual practice. She is a gentle, compassionate teacher and guide.

Angeline HartRelationship CoachSan Diego, CA

gene-violet-flameI am deeply grateful to Sumaya for the work she is doing in support of  humanity. The Mighty Violet Consuming Flame is a generous blessing and Sumaya is bringing forth a pure and safe modality that allows us to joyfully expand our light love and consciousness gracefully. I sincerely recommend Sumaya’s work to everyone, regardless of religion, background, beginner, or master. All will benefit from the Violet Flame through Sumaya’s teachings.

GeneChief Financial OfficerLife SciencesNew Jersey

white heart red rays_sFor several months I worked with Sumaya on some patterns and memories that have been limiting and challenging for me for years. Sumaya supported me in gaining personal insight and owning my strength to leave the past in the past and be present today. She deeply listened and gently guided me to move through difficult emotions. Sumaya has valuable insights for creatively and intuitively processing difficult emotions into healing. I appreciate her very much.

Carolyn WheelerRetiredCalifornia

Cynthia Stott-smaller

Sumaya’s healing work is so powerful and unique. Through our sessions, she supported me to resolve an inner struggle and shift from a place of hiding into willingness to share my deepest work. I particularly appreciate her use of the divine names of God in these healings. Working with these qualities of God brought me to a deeper reverence in my spiritual path, even though I grew up in a very different spiritual tradition.

Cynthia StottInternational Speaker Mentor and creator of The Speaker Summit.comCalifornia

ShirleneReeves_cropI’ve been practicing Sumaya’s Divine Protection healing meditation for a few weeks and wanted to give her a special thank you for this awesome experience. I’ve been meditating for over 15 years, and her chanting is amazingly compelling. It took me deeper than anything I’ve recently experienced. I love how she guided me into a deeper place, where I can easily find the answers to the questions I’m asking. I can’t wait to start on the next healing meditation in the package.

Shirlene ReevesBusiness Success Coach, Certified Financial Educator, International Speaker, and AuthorCalifornia

After experiencing Sumaya’s Divine Strength and Power healing, in a time of real need, I feel like I’m breathing more deeply. Sumaya’s gifts are extraordinary. Her powerful guided divine healing touched deep into my soul and has given me love, guidance, and support. I feel truly blessed.

Empress Iris Stallworth-GraylingJoy and Empowerment FacilitatorCalifornia

Hawa Cahn
My work with Sumaya has been transformative. It has helped me remember who I truly am, and also to clear internal blocks that had weighed me down for years. Now, I’m moving forward with a more open heart, and with clarity, confidence, and excitement.

Hawa Robin CahnFitness and wellness instructorFlorida

Eileen Keister
I have literally found solid ground since I started meeting with Sumaya. Being in her group has helped me through the deepest water I have ever had to tread. I’m grateful for her wisdom and guidance on my journey.

Eileen KeisterInsurance AgentCalifornia

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