Secret Tools for Life Mastery

Are you tired of messing around with spiritual stuff that doesn’t work? Are you done with waiting years and years for real results from your spiritual practices? What if you could get a hold of spiritual rocket fuel? The time for life mastery and spiritual success is NOW! It is no longer necessary to slog through decades or lifetimes of strange spiritual practices. The secret tools for life mastery are available. It’s time to understand your true state of affairs!

Diagnosis: You are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

butterflies and moonFor generations, humans have had spiritual experiences and have tried to understand their meaning. Where do they come from? Through many centuries, much time amd energy has been spent trying to answer these questions, and solve all the complexities of the human experience. But, what if the initial diagnosis was wrong, and intead, you are a spiritual being having a human experience?

The Longing

Chances are, if you are exploring a spiritual path, you are responding to an inner longing, a magnetic pull from deep in your heart and soul, to become whole, to connect with that light and power that’s deep inside. It’s a longing to return Home. Yet, the spiritual path is not easy. It often seems full of obstacles with conflicting signposts. To make matters worse, in Eastern spiritual traditions, you are told that your lifetimes on earth is your time to learn lessons. Arrggh. Like, when does the fun begin?

The Dilemma

One of the spiritual practices you have probably tried is meditation, which takes some brMonkey mindavery and some grit. Inside your head is a continual stream of thoughts and when you meditate,
you encounter the stream. This distracting stream is called Monkey Mind. Sitting for any length of time dealing with this can seem unendurable. Yet the longing for home persists. What to do?

Years ago, my Zen meditation teacher told me it took MANY lifetimes for meditation to quiet the mind so you could reach enlightenment! My response was, “EXIT, Stage Left! ” I loved Zen, but by then, I was so done with the whole Earth School thing. I wasn’t willing to keep returning and returning lifetime after lifetime. Arrgh.

The Inner War

Next, an even bigger obstacle shows up on the spiritual path. You probably already know about this one, if you’ve been drawn to this web page. You have two parts to your consciousness: the ego or personality, and your divine self, known by many other names, such as source, soul, God . . .

Ask yourself which part is getting the most airtime. Unfortunately, for most people, the ego is running the show 95% of the time, which is scary as hell! The tail is wagging the dog. This means you connect to your divine self only 5% of the time, if that, because the demands of modern life seem so compelling, You’ve probably tried to reach in and connect deeper to the divine part of you, BUT,  life intervenes, and the tail keeps wagging the dog!  Don’t give up. The solution is at hand.

The Solution and Why It’s So Secret

The secrMagic book_smallet is in a juicy mindset shift that starts feeling good very quickly, so you WANT to keep doing the practices. Even though the shift DOES take some determined effort – sorry, no magic wand – you won’t mind, because it feels good, and starts yielding results right away.

In the 1930’s, a powerful knowledge system was revealed to a small group of people. So the information is out there, but it’s not exactly viral. It was revealed in a narrative format so there was no user manual. Drawing on my 30 years as a spiritual teacher and healer, I have distilled these potent teachings and extracted the power tools for you.

The Secret Tools for Life Mastery Program

The solution is the SECRET TOOLS FOR LIFE MASTERY Program. You will be provided with potent knowledge that maps the inner territory for you, as well as three powerful life-altering tools. I walk you through how to use them and what to expect. These tools are the rocket fuel that speed you along your path.

Using the spiritual knowledge and tools provided in the program, you will:

  • Get magnetically attuned to your divine source.
  • Experience sharper thinking and perceptions.
  • Upgrade your decision making.
  • See or sense your inner light and purpose with more clarity than ever before.
  • Release the burden of ALL your old mistakes, which propels you into forward motion.
  • Free yourself of ALL past and current resentments, which releases a massive amount of energy back into your life.
  • Gain an extraordinary sense of confidence and personal empowerment.
  • Heal old pain that’s been standing in your way, so you are free to move forward.

The price?  Only $297 for the secret knowledge and tools that last a lifetime.


What Do I Get?

To provide you with all you need for your journey to life mastery, you’ll get a combo of coaching, recorded teachings and guided experiences. I’ve described everything below for you:

Live group Coaching Calls

The live group coaching calls are provided twice a month for the first six months. The calls are an hour long. You can ask questions, share your progress, and get support to get unstuck and to go deeper.

Three Downloadable Modules 

  1. Claim Your Divine Self
  2. Invoke Your Cosmic Power
  3. Violet Flame Healing

Each module includes:

  •  A rich informative overview that pulls back the veil on the spiritual teachings of life mastery, delivered as both PDFs and MP3 recordings.
  • Two guided experiences of the secret tools that empower you to make major mindset shifts. The tools are delivered as MP3 recordings. You’ll get a total of six recordings.

When you start using these powerful tools, you’ll start getting results quickly. Be prepared for positive change! I’m excited to be on this journey with you. 

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