Can Beauty be a Doorway to Awakening?

by Sumaya O'Grady on October 1, 2017

One of my angelic guides is Beauty. I asked Beauty to explain what beauty is, and why we need it. Here is her answer:

Beauty is a power in the world, not just something that’s nice to have. It’s a necessity, like air and water. Yet, this isn’t well understood. However, if you are deprived of beauty, you suffer greatly, although you might not realize  that this is one of the reasons for your suffering.

It’s important to understand the power  of beauty in your life. It’s more than surrounding yourself with natural beauty and beauty in your home. It’s also important to connect to your inner beauty because beauty is a powerful force for transformation. The inner experience of beauty opens the doorway to love and awakening.

Beauty is a divine quality. When you experience the divine you experience beauty. Beauty opens your heart to wonder and awe. As you become sensitive to external beauty, then you are more sensitized to your internal beauty. This is an important step on your spiritual journey.

If you do not experience love for yourself, beauty can become your doorway to self-love. When you see or experience your inner light in meditation, you know yourself as a source of beauty. Once your experience the beauty of your being, you enter a state of love. Love is a transforming power that leads to healing and awakening.

Beauty, Love, and Awakening are inseparable powers of transformation and when you meet one of these powers, the others follow. When you experience these powers on your spiritual journey, you awaken to the higher realms and to your ascended self.

Once way to tap into the power of beauty is to spend time in a place that you find beautiful. Find a spot where you can sit quietly in a meditative state, initially with your eyes open. Drink in the beauty. As you breathe, inhale the beauty into your body. Have the sense that you are soaking it up through your skin. Now close your eyes, and feel the beauty. Feel the pleasure it brings you, and feel it’s radiance. Let yourself be enveloped in it.

When you connect to beauty in this way, as a regular spiritual practice, your being knows the vibration of beauty. Then, even when you are not in your special place in naure, you can easily bring the memory and feeling of beauty into your meditation. Start by consciously connecting to your heart, then let your heart fill with beauty. Your heart naturally responds to beauty and it begins to soften and open. This practice becomes a doorway to your inner beauty, to love, and awakening. If you are experiencing painful emotions, this practice of connecting to beauty is a healing salve.



Angelic Advice on the Perils of Awakening

by Sumaya O'Grady on September 29, 2017

I work with three angelic guides named Beauty, Love, and  Awaken. I asked Awaken to explain the role of Love in the Awakening journey. This is some of her wisdom.

What started you on the path of awakening? Perhaps a painful life situation compelled you to reach out for help and guidance. Maybe you felt a longing for a deeper inner experience and knew your life had to change.

Through serendipity, guidance shows up in so many ways. You might have been invited to hear an inspiring talk. Maybe a book literally fell off the shelf in front of you, and the book opened so many inner doors that you felt compelled to explore further. Then, there are those times when your soul grabs you by the scruff of your neck and sets your feet on a new path!

Awakening is a powerful, irresistible force. Yet it doeosn’t happen by itself. Awakening, Beauty, and Love are three divine qualities that work together, and are inseparable.

At some point in your awakening journey, you set your intention to open your heart and raise your vibration. Sometimes the journey is quite a bumpy ride, as you might already have experienced.

When you decide to move toward greater light, that same light starts showing up all those little dusty and dirty places that have been previously invisible. Here’s where you need love as your guide. Otherwise, when you see all these things that need to be cleaned and cleared, you might fall into self-hate.

If you are cleaning dust off of a mirror, you don’t hate the mirror because it has dust on it. You just enjoy making the mirror sparkle and shine. That’s the attitude you can bring to the inner cleaning work that’s part of the awakening journey. Although it’s important to work with and heal whatever shows up, the key is not to buy into a negative view of yourself in the process.

Maybe you have even thought ” I’m a mess! I have all these flaws and faults. How can I fix all this?” Here’s a secret: These flaws and faults are mostly illusions and only become problems when you believe in them.

If you do find yourself buying into a tricky illusion, self hate usually accompanies it. Then it impedes your progress and brings you so much pain. Self-hate has the opposite effect of raising your vibration. Be savvy and don’t give into the negative energies that like to feed on your pain. They don’t want to see you step into the light. Call for support and guidance. Angels are all around you, waiting for you to call on them.

Return to Love, always. It’s your most important companion on your awakening journey. Remember! Your real work is to polish the mirror of your soul so it can shine brightly. Then the divine can see its reflection in you, and you experience your own divinity.