The Anointing of Humanity

by Sumaya O'Grady on January 30, 2018

I asked Jesus about his role as the Cosmic Christ, in preparing and guiding humanity through the challenges in 2018 and the next few years. Here’s what I learned:

Jesus serves in the office of the Cosmic Christ and is the Anointed One. However, it’s important to understand that the role of being anointed is conferred on each and every soul who is dedicated to bringing light to others. Many people were anointed when Jesus walked the earth, and many more have become anointed since that time.

What is the Divine Human?

The essential Christ light is still here on the earth. However, many people have not undertstand the Christ message and what it means to be anointed. As the Christ, his purpose here on earth was to let human beings know who they were and to know their birthright. So much knowledge of our divine origin has already been lost through thousands of years of manipulation. Jesus wanted to model for us what it means to be a divine human and to show us what was possible. Instead, that message was deliberately twisted, so that people believed that only Jesus could perform miracles, even though he said “. . . you shall do these things and more.”

Who is Interfering?

Jesus clarified to me that there was a fair amount of interference in the teachings he intended to leave for humanity. There were people in power who did not want humanity to advance spiritually in the according to his teachings.  Even today, there are still forces that do not want humanity to rise up, claim their divinity, and make their ascension.

The people who have been interfering with humanity’s spiritual development are often referred to as the Cabal in this decade and include both human and extra-terrestrials. However, they have been known by different names down through the ages. They have been referred to as the Illuminati. They are often members of secret societies that are well-known even in this era. They have jealously guarded the spiritual teachings that were meant to be diseminated to all, and have distorted the revealed teachings in holy scriptures. Now, many portals of light have opened. The discovery and study of the gnostic gospels are revealing the deeper truths in original teachings. The dark ones, who have been responsible for so much interference, are now losing their power.

When Will The Interference be Stopped?

Jesus advised that the timeline for the transition into the greater light of truth is constantly shifting and changing. Much depends on what happens in 2018 and the next few years beyond. A great solar flash is prediccted by earth’s scientists and is expected soon, or in the next few years. Although it will cause some destruction, many light workers are preparing themselves and others for this event. It is important to avoid becoming fearful so you can open to the powerful new ascension energies that are part of the solar flash and herald a new era for humanity.


How to Prepare Yourself Spiritually

Here are some practices you can do. Connect in meditation with the luminous prescence of Jesus as the Cosmic Christ, and with the luminous presences of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Become enfolded in the vibration of divine love that they constantly emanate. Find community and surround yourself with like-minded people who support these positive thoughts and actions. These instructions are not specific to any particular religion or spiritual tradition. Perhaps you might more readily connect to other great cosmic beings, such Archangels, the great Babaji, the Buddha, or  Krishna. You might connect with the many faces of the Goddess such as Kwan Yin or Tara. These ascended beings stand ready to support and guide humanity during this transition. Love is the common thread in all spiritual traditions, and is ultimately the guide and the path.





Alchemy, Love, and the Divine Feminine

by Sumaya O'Grady on January 23, 2018

This post on the alchemy of love was inspired by one of my guides, the ascended master Saint Germain, a well-known master alchemist.

Love is the highest form of alchemy. Its ultimate expression is in the sending and receiving of love which sparks an alchemical process inside the human heart. It is the melding of the logical left brain and the intuitive right brain into a totally new way of being. It’s the joining of the inner divine masculine and the divine feminine in the alchemical marriage. This marriage of opposites takes place inside the human heart. Love is the power that brings them together, and an even greater love is born out of that union.

When the divine feminine and the divine masculine are truly united in the sacred marriage within the human heart, this is the highest alchemical union. This is the real transmutation of lead into gold.

When the energy field of this union ripples out into the world it will inspire others who resonate to that frequency. When seen through the lens of evolution, it’s clear that this inner marriage doesn’t stop with the individual. It is meant to be shared with the collective. The energy of this sacred inner union of opposites is rare right now, however it will become more common as time passes. As people open themselves to love, the field expands.

it’s crucial to do the inner work, and to clear away whatever stands in the way of love, so it expands and deepens into the heart. At an even further point in human evolution, it will be possible for the alchemical marriage to be actualized between two people.

Two keys are essential to experiencing the inner divine marriage, yet the keys are not necessarily sequential and are often interwoven. How the keys are expressed depends upon each person’s makeup, spiritual growth, and soul’s purpose.

The Forgiveness Key

Letting go of all your old mistakes and then forgiving others for their mistakes accomplishes a miracle. After you release the old self-blame, your soul recognizes its new lightness. It has room for love and is free to take flight. When you let go of the resentments toward those who have hurt you, all the trapped energy is once again free to circulate throughout your body, mind, heart, and spirit. The new energetic and emotional freedom raises your frequency and opens you to greater love.

The Surrender Key

When you’re finally willing to listen to your intuition or your higher self and to follow that guidance instead of following your intellect, magic happens. In this process, the intellect falls in love with the higher self, and enters into a divine marriage. This inner marriage takes place through love. The powerful alchemical interaction in this marriage raises your frequency and allows for even greater expressions of love.