Mother Mary Speaks on the Divine Feminine

by Sumaya O'Grady on November 29, 2017

I asked my guide Mother Mary how can women can step fully into their divine feminine within, and what stands in the way. She told me that a lot of confusion has arisen about the original template of the goddess. Women have been unable to see themselves as the goddess because they were treated so poorly for so long. They lost the sense of their own divinity.

The Goddess Template

Now it is possible for women to remember the goddess template that lies within them. It is the source of their divine power and divine origin. it has always been there, but they did not remember it.

To access your goddess template, you must first believe that it’s there. You must love yourself enough to recognize and experience the divine within you. There is no formula for experiencing your inner goddess. Every woman is different, and is always changing. At one time you might have the wisdom of Athena. At another time you might find yourself navigating the underworld like Hecate. All the goddesses are portrayals of power that manifested in a certain way at a certain time.

The Big Misunderstanding

I asked Mother Mary if she meant these goddesses did not really exist. She explained that the goddesses were powerful examples of many different divine qualities. Just as the teachings of Jesus were so misunderstood, the manifestations of the goddesses were also misunderstood. Jesus taught that we could all perform the miracles that he performed. However, people made him into a god, because they said only god could make these miracles. They denied their own power.

The same thing happened with women. They could not see that the goddesses were living examples of divine power, love and wisdom that they themselves could manifest. Because they felt less than, they could not recognize their own power.

The Healing

Now it is time for women to do the inner healing so they can deeply love themselves. Then and only then can they know their own magnificence, awesome power, and love powerful enough to change the world. They must stop thinking of themselves as small and less than. It’s important that they find the courage to release the baggage and finally step back into their light.

Through this healing, women will regain the lost knowledge of who they really are. This process will be much shorter than you might think. You are living in a time of great acceleration. What might have been an inner journey of many years might only take a few months or weeks.

Once the old pain is cleared from your heart, nothing is left but love. Then the doorway opens to your magnificence. You become the divine human, and are a manifestation of the divine feminine. Men must also do this work to manifest as the divine masculine, and act in partnership with the women. The evolution of the divine human is an important part of the evolution of the planet, which is occurring with great acceleration.

The world needs your light now.



Bell Rock Speaks About the Earth

by Sumaya O'Grady on October 30, 2017

I live near Sedona Arizona, and Bell Rock is a magnificent rock being here. He is experienced as a powerful masculine vortex energy. I know him as Grandfather Bell, because of his important energetic role he serves for the planet.

I asked him about all the major earth changes on the planet recently. There have been multiple out-of-control fires in California, major hurricanes, even in Ireland, and erupting volcanos in Bali. Many seers have spoken about the possible causes, such as the cabal and ETs. However gradfather Bell’s answer is quite different.

Grandfather Bell’s Perspective

The Earth is shaking off years of – shall we say- difficulties that have been heaped upon her being. She is cleansing herself to prepare for her next step. Many people believe there are other causes of these things you mention.  However, if the Earth did not permit it, these things would not happen. Others believe they are the cause, but they are not the prime cause. Earth speaks loudest, first. The causes of these problems are multi-faceted and the Earth permits it. People do not realize her power. If she wanted to shake them off the face of the planet, she would do that. However, these things serve her purposes and personal evolution.

What Can Light-Workers Do?

If  you wish to help, tune in and ask for her guidance. She is repairing her shields and the damage done to the web of her etheric body. It is of great assistance when people tune in and send light and love to her for this particular project of hers. Groups of people can work together to do this.

Grandfather Bell’s Role

The energies I work with are purely internal to the Earth and are subtle energies, so I do not interfere. I always consider the cause of love in all that I do. However, my view is quite large, and it may not encompass the concerns that you feel would be related to love. I follow a higher command and I cannot act in any other way than that higher command of love. This command comes from the highest of the high. I am ancient. I have been on the earth and in the cosmos for eons. You see me assembled here in this form in your (third) dimension. However, as I have before explained, I have a different form in the higher dimensions and I am seen only as energy.

Using Bell Rock’s Energy

People on Earth benefit from my presence in this form. My energy is a dynamo. When they come to Sedona to visit me, they are energized and experience a positive vibration in their bodies that can be very healing. However, their experience does depend on their condition and readiness for healing.

The effect is especially good when you are in direct physical contact on my rock body. However, that is not always necessary. You can be walking on the (Bell Rock) trail. When you walk, open yourself, and take in the beauty. Breathe it in. You do not need to be in a deep meditation to do this. Then know that this beauty is your beauty as well. You can take this transformed energy, which is the power of beauty, and use it. Direct it consciously anywhere in your body. The energy will reduce pain, soften the edges, and open stuck areas.

Grandfather Bell – I thank you for your gifts and wisdom.