Let Beauty Illuminate Your Heart

by Sumaya O'Grady on December 26, 2017

Three of my angelic guides are Beauty, Love, and Awaken. I asked them for to share more about the power of beauty and how it awakens the heart through love. Here is their answer.

Acknowledge Your Beauty

When you experience your spiritual self, do you also experience the awe-inspiring beauty that you carry within yourself? Do not let yourself be held back by old cultural taboos against seeing how beautiful you truly are. It is important to  recognize and cultivate your beauty. Then, beauty leads you to greater love and to deeper awakening of your spirit.

The Motivating Power of Beauty

Beauty inspires and motivates you. When you recognize your beauty, you can use it as a power to inspire yourself and to move forward in the world in ways you might never have dreamed of. Consider the example of John Muir, the famous Naturalist. He was so inspired by the beauty of the natural world that he was instrumental in the creation of Yosemite and many other great national parks in the United States. Michaelangelo’s soul was so sensitive to beauty that he gave over his life to its expression, much to the world’s benefit.

Choose the Doorway of Beauty or Love

Beauty and Love are not separate powers. Each can lead to the other. It is only a matter of which doorway you walk through. If you experience love for someone or for yourself, this leads you into beauty because of the exquisite light you begin to shine with. If you are deeply affected by beautiful art, music, or the beauty of nature, this experience sensitizes your soul. When you take beauty into your heart, it opens the door to greater love.

How Beauty Awakens and Illuminates You

The powers of Beauty and Love are not separate from each other. You can speak about them and understand them separately, yet they are doorways that lead to a higher vibration of spiritual awakening and closer to Ascension. Whenever you experience love or beauty, it illuminates your heart.

Your Gift for the World

It is through the illumination of your heart that true spiritual progress occurs. This progress has an out-flowing direction, as it is not for you alone. The illumination flows out from your heart into the world and takes the form of a service or guidance to others. It is a natural flow and when you surrender to the process, so you do not need to expend effort. You become an instrument of beauty, love, and awakening for others.


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