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Are you unsure about getting onto a spiritual path? Maybe you’re on a path but you’re not sure it’s working for you . . . Want some answers?

Hands w energy ball smallIf you are new to the spiritual path . . .

Are you mystified about what spiritual path to follow and wonder how to get started? Sometimes all the choices can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. Maybe you want to join a small group to learn some spiritual practices from a live person and ask questions.  Find out more 


shooting star blue_smallIf you are already on a spiritual path . . .

Are you tired of messing around with spiritual stuff that doesn’t work? Perhaps you’ve been on a path for a while but time is passing and you’re not seeing results. You don’t want to give up, because the longing for divine connection is still there. If you want something that will take you to the next step more quickly, maybe you’re ready for some spiritual rocket fuel. Find out more

Mystic temple widgetReady to break free of old patterns?

Would you like spiritual support to clear old stuck energies, release the drag of past mistakes and resentments? Are you ready to experience a private one-on-one intuitive healing session? Find out more


spir path rainbow-largerAre you done with the current political chaos?

Perhaps you’re ready for a highly practical solution for all the anxiety, fear, and yucky emotions this mess is bringing up. Do you want to feel empowered and stand in your spiritual warriorship? Find out more 




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